Adaptogen R-3
Adaptogen R-3
$ 29.95

Adaptogen R-3


Adaptogen R-3 from Premier Research Labs is a world class adaptogenic formula with amazing herbal synergists supporting lean-body boost and premier performance, immunity and rejuvenation.

  • Premier adaptogenic and rejuvenation support
  • Rhodiola Pro Blend: features the famous 3 "Rs": Rhapontium, Rhodiola Rosea and Rhodiola Crenulata; the perfect blend to promote oxygen utilization, mental acuity, endurance and healthy fat metabolism.
  • Fo-Ti Blast: offers a premier quality botanical revered for centuries
  • Ecko-Boost: features the new nutritional star, Eckionia Cava; provides support for restful sleep, memory, alertness, healthy inflammatory processes, fat loss and reduction of fatigue
  • Nopal Pro Blend: completes the premier nutrition effect of this formula
  • Pure vegan, excipients-free

90 capsules.