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Nancy Sacks, D.H.M.

My formal holistic education began after a life–changing personal experience with homeopathy. I had been actively involved with nutrition, homeopathy and spirituality since the early 1980´s, taking classes and seminars for my personal knowledge and use. At the time, I was suffering from some health issues that were not being handled by western medical doctors, so I sought relief from complementary medicine, nutrition and homeopathy. By working with these modalities, I was not only able to resolve my acute health issues, but some long–standing chronic health issues as well. It was then that I decided to dedicate my life to helping others who were suffering, yet not finding answers to their health problems through conventional means.

My quest is always to uncover the core reasons why you have dis–ease patterns in your life. I combine my extensive education with clinical knowledge, intuitive skills and the data from the SCIO to assess your individual needs. I treat people – not diseases. I use a total holistic approach, which means that my view encompasses you as an individual. Everything is taken into consideration; your environment and lifestyle, also who you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to determine the underlying reasons for the issues you are experiencing. My holistic approach is like detective work; every clue is necessary and important in helping to figure it all out!

I am passionate about client education – an important aspect of the healing process. I believe that you deserve to feel empowered about your health and well being, and for this reason I take the time to explain everything each step of the way. I feel strongly that you and I are a team, and that together we will get to the root of the problems and fix them. My role is to facilitate your process. In order to do this effectively, I impart important, relevant information to you, thus creating the power to understand and the motivation to sustain your healing process long after our time together is over.

I have seen truly amazing results with so many of my wonderful clients. I stay committed to continually updating my knowledge base to provide you with the best available options during your healing process. It is my belief that holistic medicine offers a profound and natural option to those of us who truly want to heal.

I look forward to working with you!

Nancy Sacks

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Nancy Sacks

The Quantum Machine

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Wouldn't it be incredible to have the ability to scan your entire body at one time, and be able to see what is going on top to bottom and inside out? Well that time has come! The Quantum Machine (SCIO) is an extraordinary device which can do exactly that – without invasive blood tests or harmful x–rays.

Quantum technology drives the SCIO and it has an accuracy founded in over 20 years of research in the fields of biofeedback and bio-energetic medicine. The device differs from standard biofeedback, in that the treatments are purely energetic and are designed to be relaxing, deep acting and totally non–invasive. The transfer of information and frequencies happens at lightening speed; as it is cutting-edge technology. And best of all, it can enhance your health at any level. People are amazed at what the SCIO can do. People of all ages benefit from it as it can address a wide variety of complaints. The SCIO can be a powerful part of your healing process.

How Does it Work?

You get “hooked up” to the SCIO device through a magnetic headband, wrist and ankle straps. These are actually quite comfortable and you remain hooked up throughout your session while relaxing in a comfortable chair. The magnetic straps are connected to the “device” which is plugged into the computer software program. Once your personal information is entered into the program the testing begins.

The main test is very similar to a virus scan on a computer and takes just minutes. It looks through every cell, organ and tissue of your body and compares these to over 8500 frequencies. The system is trying to determine what is stressing your body. The stressor could be anything: viruses, allergies, energy blockages, toxins, hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies or even negative emotions. The SCIO system is capable of scanning and comparing you to every imaginable stressor out there, even emotional traumas. It can also measure and tabulate your body′s cellular health, also known as your life force or chi. This information gives great insight into how your energy flows and how quickly you will heal.

The system not only detects the imbalances – it also corrects them! There are hundreds of therapeutic programs built into the quantum software which can energetically correct the underlying imbalances. It all works by frequency and feels very pleasant. The program interfaces with you through the magnetic straps and is able to send healthy frequencies to your body electro–magnetically. Our bodies are electro–magnetic, so we easily utilize these frequencies and our body is stimulated to readapt and correct itself. During the treatments, detailed information is revealed allowing a deeper understanding of your condition. The therapies are designed to bring you back to a state of harmony and well being on many levels.

The stresses of living in today′s environmentally complicated world have lead to a host of new issues and pressures on our bodies and our minds. The SCIO is a safe and effective tool to help cope with this new generation of difficulties. Although there are hundreds of treatments available, during your appointment the therapies will be tailored to your specific needs. For a more detailed list please refer to the Healing Specialties section.


It is important to remember that energetic medicine does not cure health problems; rather it addresses them specifically, makes energetic corrections and re-balances your system.

Blockages are removed at many different levels, helping your body to function better and thus heal itself faster. Quantum work is done through specific energy therapies that can expedite the healing process. This offers an effective yet gentle approach to your overall healing, and can enhance many other healing modalities as well.

Energetic medicine does not just treat symptoms; it addresses the root cause of the health imbalance.

Listed below are many different conditions that can be addressed with the Quantum and bio-energetic healing methods. This is not a claim to heal any of the issues listed, nor is it a claim to work directly on them – only medical doctors will do this through testing, surgery or prescription medications.

If you are suffering from different issues, you may still be helped with energetic therapies. This is simply a list of possibilities. Each case is treated carefully and individually to help overcome blockages and limitations. Energetic medicine is a viable option to help improve the overall quality of your life!


Homeopathy is a science and a healing art which has been used successfully for over 200 years and is more widely used than ever because it is gentle, safe, effective and non–toxic. Unlike conventional medicine, which works chemically, homeopathic remedies work on an energetic level to trigger your body′s own healing response.