Shipping Policy

Your Order & Shipping Information

Our dedication to quality and service is backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction. All orders are carefully packaged to ensure safe transit to your location. In the unlikely event you do receive an incorrect order, please contact our office within 2 business days of receipt at 818-865-1900.

Homeopathics cannot be returned by law. Holistic Haven will replace damaged products when provided proper evidence of damage.

Holistic Haven is not responsible for any errors that USPS or UPS may encounter or develop, including but not limited to, extended delivery time. All refund requests are decided in-house. Should you require and qualify for a refund from Holistic Haven, we will refund your money less shipping and handling fees.

We do not ship to other countries outside the U.S.A

Lost or Stolen Packages

Lost or stolen are unfortunately out of our control. We will assist you in trying to locate them, however if they are lost or stolen, we cannot ship you replacement products at no charge. Often if a shipment is missing, it is because someone’s neighbor, friend or family member took the package and forgot to tell them.

Shipment Status

Assuming you’ve provided a valid email address, you will automatically receive a shipment confirmation email that contains a tracking link. Click on the link and you’ll be taken to the shipping supplier’s website where your shipment status is displayed