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Aura Cleanser


The ISIS TEMPLE AURA CLEANSER cleanses negative energy that can get trapped in your Aura. This negative energy can come from other peoples emotions, from toxic environments that we live, work, and travel in, or from our own unprocessed emotions. These can include old hurts, limiting thoughts, low self-esteem, or emotional states such as anger, fear, panic, confusion, apathy, depression, nervousness, frustration, bitterness, guilt, or spaciness. Releasing these stuck energies can help you feel lighter, happier, more balanced, centered, grounded, and loving. Releasing it from your living & working spaces can also help you clarify your thoughts and emotions, hear your intuition more clearly, communicate and heal more effortlessly. It will also help balance anyone who uses the space. I love that clearing and energizing helps you manifest your goals more easily.

The Aura Cleanser is an alchemically blended formula containing 6 Essential Oils, 35 Flower Essences, 12 Gem Essences. It is lovingly hand made in small batches in a 7 step process, from the highest quality ingredients. It is energetically charged to seek out & clear negative energies from your aura and physical spaces.

  • 2 fluid ounces.