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bug bouncer insect repellent
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Bug Bouncer


Bug Bouncer Mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests can sometimes keep you from enjoying the outdoors to the fullest. Though typical spray repellants keep the bugs away, they can be a toxic blend of chemicals that you dont want to put on you or your family.

Bug Bouncer is a safe, all natural homeopathic insect repellent. Bug Bouncer utilizes the repelling properties of the Delphenium plant (Staphysagria), which repels mosquitoes naturally. Bug Bouncer tricks bugs into thinking you are a giant Delphenium flower so they stay away!
When bug bites do occur, Bug Bouncer reduces swelling, burning, and itching with a blend of time-tested homeopathic ingredients.
INGREDIENTS: Grindella 1x, Urtica Urens 1x, Ledum Palustre 4x, Staphysagria 4x, Cedron 6C.

1 fluid ounce.