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comprehensive detox kit
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Comprehensive Detox Kit


The Comprehensive Detox Kit is our Homeopathic Detox Kit facilitates the detoxification and drainage of the entire body. This complete protocol serves as the starting place for all other Desbio programs, including other forms of detox and our hA2cg Evolution Weight Management Program. All six DesBio homeopathic remedies are constructed with 6 different phases of homeopathy (plants, minerals, catalysts, phenolics, bowel nosodes, and sarcodes) put together in Desbio chords and Burgi group serial dilutions for enhanced effectiveness.

INGREDIENTS: Each kit contains one bottle each of Detox I, Detox II, Detox III, CerebroMax, SpinalMax, and matrix Support.

INGREDIENTS: Asclepias Vincetoxicum (6-12-30X), Echinacea (6-12-30X), Hypothalamus Suis (6-12-30X), Hepar Suis (8X), Methylcobalamin (8X), Renal Suis (8X), Glucagon (30X), Insulin (30X), ATP (30X), Sarcolacticum Acidum (30X), Gambogia (12-30-60X), Graphites (12-30-60X), Nux Vomica (12-30-60X), Phytolacca Decandra (12-30-60X), Proteus Bach (30C), 7 keto Dehydroepiandrosterone (30X)

QUANTITY:1 set (six 1-ounce bottles)

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