Leptin (2 oz. 420 sprays)
Leptin (2 oz. 420 sprays)
Leptin weight loss
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Leptin (2 oz. 420 sprays)


Leptin complements all weight loss, weight management and diet programs with benefits usually noticed the first day taken. It is safe, effective, without side effects and appears to alter appetite reward pathways in the hippocampus for healthier eating desires.

  • What is Leptin?

    Leptin is a 167 amino acid polypeptide. It was discovered in 1994. The word leptin is from the Greek word leptos, which means thin.

Homeopathic leptin spray addresses the following issues: suppresses the urge to snack and urgent or ravenous eating at mealtime; raises metabolism via lipolytic thermogenesis (fat-burning); helps hormonal imbalances that vex the success of diet and weight management programs; and balances hypothalamic signaling for healthier eating.

2 fluid ounces. (420 sprays)

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