OptimaLean weight management
OptimaLean meal replacement
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OptimaLean is a powdered nutritional beverage that provides macro- and micro-nutrients for individuals who want to improve body composition or lose or maintain weight. This product can be used alone with a healthy low calorie diet, or can be used in conjunction with Option 2 1000 Calorie Ha2cg Program.

The 1000 Calorie Program alternative is designed for more active individuals who want to melt the fat away, yet still have the energy to work out and build muscle. It is a very popular diet in my center because of the convenience of having a delicious breakfast shake, while still allowing up to a pound of fat loss per day with the average weight loss being about 5 pounds per week.

This totally optimized protocol is outlined in the Evolution Weight-Management Program Guide. The basic diet is the same with 2 exceptions: there is no fat loading phase and you are allotted a higher amount of protein per meal.

This 1000 calorie protocol consists of the Ha2cg drops, Optima Lean shake and Equolslim capsules.

The following optional products can also be used with this protocol: HGH Vitality drops, Comprehensive Detox Kit, Appetite Control drops and Hormone Combination drops.