Perfect Sleep
Perfect Sleep homeopathic natural sleep aid
$ 35.95

Perfect Sleep

Perfect Sleep supports the bodys natural sleep cycles perfectly, allowing for perfectly natural and restful sleep. Unlike traditional sleep remedies, Perfect Sleep is not intended to cause drowsiness-it includes ingredients chosen to support the bodys own natural sleep cycles over time without side effects or dependency issues, for a perfect nights sleep.
INGREDIENTS: Avena Sativa (10X 30X 1LM), Passiflora Incarnate (10X 30X 1LM), Zincum Valerianicum (10X 30X 1LM), Coffea Cruda (10X 30X 1LM), Arsenicum Album (10X 30X 1LM), Silica (10X 30X 1LM), Mercurious Corrosivus (10X 30X 1LM), Chamomile (10X 30X 1LM), Melatonin (8-12-30-200X 12-30-60-200C), Pyrrole (8-12-30-200X 12-30-60-200C), Tryptophan (8-12-30-200X 12-30-60-200C), Dys Co Bach (30C), Gaertner Bach (30C), Pineal Gland Suis (8X), Co-Q 10 (8X), Enzyme Co-A (8X), Sarcolactic Acid (8X ), ATP (8X)

1 fluid ounce.

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