Get Grounded This Fall

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Fall is in the air. As you take in the beautiful changes in color and foliage, you may experience seasonal changes in your own life too. The change from long, bright, warm summer days to cooler, shorter and darker days makes fall a great time to cultivate mind and body and become introspective. According to Chinese Medicine, the fall season is associated with the lungs and large intestine, which represents taking in the new (lungs) and being mindful of releasing the old (large intestine). Get cozy this fall season with warm, nourishing foods, practice letting go, organize and declutter, and enjoy the slow this season has to offer.
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Fall Wellness Tips
Soon enough the weather will turn crisp, which is the perfect time to get outside in nature. Try walking barefoot on the ground as you take in the beauty of the change of the season or practicing grounding yoga poses. Treat yourself to warm, nourishing meals with in season foods, such as root vegetables, squashes, soups and stews. This season is all about slowing down and taking the time to nourish and prioritize your body, mind and soul.

Boost Your Immune System
Because fall is associated with the large intestine and lungs, it's common to experience issues with the digestive and respiratory systems. Symptoms such as asthma, allergies, constipation, sore throats, colds & flus, dry skin and melancholy may come to the forefront. Thankfully, eating seasonally provides plenty of delicious, healthy foods that naturally boost the immune system. However, additional immune support through supplementation is something you might want to consider. Shop some of our favorite respiratory, digestive & immune boosting remedies below.
Shop Immune Boosting Remedies
Evening Primrose Oil
A good source of essential fatty acids supporting skin health and the immune system
Digestive Enzymes
To aid in breaking down food and eliminating bloat, especially when digestion is slow
A botanical formula supporting allergy relief, the immune system and stress support.
Skin Byome Probiotic
For supporting the connection between skin microbial diversity and the skin's immune system
Vitamin D3+K2
Supports optimal immune health by enhancing function of immune cells
Immune System PWRx
A full spectrum immune support helping protect the body against viruses and bacteria

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