Healthy Habits to Incorporate Into Your Routine

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The Back to School Season is Here!
Summer vacation is coming to an end which means school and work are back in session. A change in season brings new opportunities to align with our health goals and create a daily lifestyle that supports them. To make the transition a little smoother, we're sharing our favorite habits to incorporate into your health and wellness routine.
Prioritize healthy eating habits
With a busier schedule again, we need to carve out time to properly prepare foods that will nourish our bodies. When we are unprepared, we tend to make more poor food choices that don't nourish our bodies and support our health. Take the time to meal prep, cook meals at home, prepare your lunch the night before and have easily accessible snacks ready. Some snack examples we love are hard-boiled eggs, hummus + carrots, fruit and smoothies. For dinners, you can have a crockpot meal cook while you're at work or consider a sheet pan dinner that uses one pan with very minimal clean up!
Get to sleep earlier
Earlier mornings call for earlier evenings. Make a habit of getting to sleep earlier. Most people get a second cortisol wind late at night, which keeps you up longer and causes you to wake later in the morning with little energy. This creates the tired and wired effect and throws off your sleep cycle. To avoid this try to get to sleep by 9pm. To help you get to sleep, create a sleep routine. Start winding down at least an hour before bed, put your phone away, consider a magnesium supplement and start your day with morning sunlight! Great sleep begins long before bedtime arrives.
Exercise at least 3x weekly
It's time to get back into the swing of moving our bodies! If you work a desk job and find yourself sedentary most of the day, this is especially important. Carve out time in the morning or evenings to move your body. Join a gym, attend group classes, watch free videos on youtube or take up an outdoors hobby, such as riding bicycles or walking with friends and family. During the day, take breaks from sitting and move around the office or walk outside while taking phone calls or checking emails. Exercise is one of the greatest tools for supporting your physical and mental health, and it can be totally free!!
With the change of season and increase in work and school related stress, it's important to support your immune system and prepare your body now for the upcoming flu season! Prioritizing healthy eating, sleep and movement are all foundations to a healthy immune system. If you want to further prepare, start boosting your immune system by adding the proper supplements and vitamins into your routine. The key to avoiding or shortening the duration of any illness is preparing your body to be resilient and fight it off before you even get sick! If you're looking for immune boosting supports, Holistic Haven has you covered! Shop our favorite remedies below!
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