Planning to go off your ADD medication this summer?

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Planning to go off your ADD meds this summer?
School is out and summer is officially here -- which means it's time to relax, enjoy the sun & maybe even vacation somewhere fun and new. With no more long hours in the classroom or the hectic hustle of the school year, you (or your child) might be considering taking a vacation from your ADD medication. Below you can find my favorite holistic supports to make the transition off your meds smooth and simple!
Feed The Brain
More often than not, most start taking ADD medication due to an inability to focus, concentrate, listen or restlessness, all symptoms that are derived from the brain. So feeding the brain with important nutrients & minerals are key supports to include. In particular, Magnesium & Zinc are important minerals, as well as B vitamins, vitamin C & fatty acids. Supplements may be necessary, but as always food provides the best source of available nutrients. Dark leafy greens, wild-caught salmon, legumes & antioxidants found in berries are all great options.
Avoid Artificial Food Dyes
Many preserved and packaged foods contain artificial dyes, which are linked to hyperactivity and ADD. Be sure to read the labels and avoid any foods that contain dyes such as: FD&C Yellow 6, Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1 or Sodium Benzoate. Be sure to check your child's snacks as well, as these are often what is added to make foods or beverages extra colorful (gatorade or skittles) and attractive to children. The best course of practice is to avoid foods that come in boxes or packages and opt for whole foods that can be found on the outer aisles of the grocery stores.
Try Meditation
The practice of meditation is an amazing tool to add into your routine. It's said that meditation helps thicken the prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain associated with focus, planning and impulse control. Additionally, meditation helps raise dopamine levels, which are often lower in those with ADD. Just 10 minutes a day of meditation can yield great success. If you can practice meditation outdoors in nature, that's even better. Luckily, the summer season makes it very easy to get outside and enjoy some fresh air & sunshine.
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