Maintaining Calm During COVID

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We have at least another month of social distancing. I know many of us are struggling with the disruptions to our lives. 

If you are feeling disjointed, here are a few strategies to help you cope during these trying times:

Make the decision to practice good habits during this time of uncertainty… exercising, eating healthy nourishing food, writing or journaling, meditating, connecting, reading, going outdoors, drinking more water, sleeping, laughing or anything that brings you joy and relaxation. Don’t let the stress of this situation derail you!

Do a good deed – giving is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself. I can tell you from personal experience that “helpers high” feels amazing. Who in your life can you reach out to and help?

Focus on the good in your life. The practice of gratitude helps reframe difficult situations. It will not change the reality of what is going on, but it could change your attitude about it. And attitude is everything. There is always something that we can be grateful for, a smile, your pet, a flower in your garden, a delicious bowl of soup, music, your children, your partner, a dear friend, chocolate, the sun rising, the sunset…you get the picture. 

If you are feeling out of sorts because your normal routine or structure in your life has been displaced, then create a new structure for yourself. Consider starting a daily to-do list, or make a plan for your day. When you feel like you’ve accomplished something or can check things off your list you might feel more empowered, and life might make more sense. 

Take a moment to ponder the bigger picture of this event. Will it be the catalyst to some needed change in your life or is it perhaps forcing you to see things in a different light? Embracing the lessons it may be offering can go a long way towards finding the silver lining, which could bring back that sense of peace. And we may be better for it. 

Remember that we will get through this and it is a temporary situation that shall pass. 

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Here’s to your health,

Nancy Sacks

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