Summer Travel Tips

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The summer season is almost here! According to Chinese Medicine, summer represents energy, movement and activity. It’s the most yang of the seasons and is associated with heat, the element fire and the emotion joy. Due to the sun, it's important to stay hydrated and eat an abundance of hydrating foods, such as fruits, cucumbers, tomatoes and watercress. Getting outside in nature for a hike, gardening and traveling are all great ways to be active in the summer. Luckily we live in Southern California where the weather is perfect & the produce is endlessly abundant!
Summer Travel Tips
Now that travel seems to be picking up again, here are a few tips to remember. A 3-hour flight can deplete up to 1.5 liters from the body, so staying hydrated is crucial. Consider adding pink salt to your water for electrolytes or adding a few drops of chlorophyll for an extra oxygen boost. Additionally, pack your own snacks for the plane; the more hydrating the better! Lastly, don't forget your digestive enzymes. Being in flight drastically slows the digestive system, so extra support to break down your food will help with bloating, fatigue and digestive discomfort. Happy & Safe Travels!
What's In Season?
This summer enjoy what's in season -- all the fresh, juicy fruits and hydrating melons and cucumbers. Summer is also a great time to embark on a 'cleanse' since it's hot outside & we eat less in general. Consider a tasty juice cleanse for a couple days to nourish yourself, experience an energy boost & give your digestive system a much needed break. Be sure to look for organic and cold-pressed juice so you aren't sipping on any toxic pesticides and remember to transition out of your cleanse with easy to digest foods!
Summer Glow
Summer is the best time to let your skin breathe and be nourished from the inside out with hydrating foods. For an added boost of glow from the outside, try the new ION Skin Support. It helps defend against toxins and facilitates microbial connection to help reduce redness and signs of skin damage while also encouraging skin to breathe and glow. ION Skin Support is specially formulated to work with skin cells, stabilize free radical production, & promote an increase in glutathione!
Travel Remedies
Bug Bouncer
A homeopathic insect repellent to keep the mosquitoes, ticks and flies away when outdoors
Digestive Enzymes
To aid in breaking down food, especially when digestion is slowed due to travel
Travel Sickness Drops
Support for calming motion sickness, nausea, and dizziness associated with travel

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