The Energy of Fall

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The Energy of Fall
In Chinese Medicine, fall represents organization, protecting your boundaries and focuses more on the internal. Moving from the expansive nature of summer to a more contractive nature in fall, it is a great time to cultivate mind and body and become introspective. The fall season is associated with the lungs and large intestine, which represents taking in the new (lungs) and being mindful of releasing the old (large intestine). Get cozy this fall season with warm, nourishing foods, practice letting go, organize and declutter, and enjoy the slow this season has to offer.
Flu Nosode is Here
The 2021-22 Flu Nosode is officially here. As we all know, times are crazier than usual, and this is definitely something you're going to want in your cabinet. Flu Nosode provides homeopathic aid in relief of cold and flu symptoms and is formulated specifically for this year's flu strain. Consider it your secret weapon to preventing the flu or as an alternative to getting the flu vaccine. They sell out fast, so be sure to order quickly so you are best prepared! To order, click HERE
Fall Produce - What's In Season?
Seasonal foods are more nutritionally dense and taste sweeter due to growing in their peak season and being able to naturally ripen to their own rhythm. Additionally, eating seasonally is better for your wallet and the environment. Because the foods are in abundance, they are much easier to find, require less transportation and refrigeration. This fall enjoy all the warm, hearty, and nourishing foods.
Beat the Bloat
The change of season can often cause your digestive system to feel a little off. The foods are richer, the days are shorter, and the stress of holidays around the corner all contribute to a little more bloating than usual. To help beat the bloat, focus on more warm, cooked foods that are easier to digest and slow down during your meals. Chew slower and lower your stress by enjoying the company of your family and friends. You might also benefit from taking Bloat, formulated with soothing herbs and digestive enzymes. To order, click HERE
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