The Full Moon & Parasites

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The Full Moon & Parasites

Happy October! The spooky season is officially upon us, and what's spookier than thinking about creepy critters crawling around your insides! That's right, parasites! While it may sound woo woo, there is an actual scientific reason to why symptoms, such as insomnia and anxiety heighten around the full moon cycle. Due to the drop in melatonin and increase in serotonin during the full moon, parasites move around more freely and begin to reproduce. Typically, parasites like to hide in a biofilm where they can stay cozy and warm and enjoy free room service day after day. After all, you are their host providing them with all the means to survive. So when the full moon arrives and they begin moving about, it is the ideal time to target these unwanted guests. Next Full Moon: October 20th


How Do You Get Parasites?

Parasites are estimated to affect 80% of people. They are more common than we all think, and quite simple to contract too. While most assume parasites are only contracted through contaminated drinking water or food and raw fish, you can also catch them by walking barefoot on the ground, swimming in lakes, eating a salad, or kissing your pet! Those with weaker immune systems are also more susceptible to parasitic infections due to the lack of digestive heat, like stomach acid, required to kill the invaders upon entry to your body.


What Are the Symptoms of Parasites?

If your symptoms heighten around the full moon, it's likely a parasitic infection. Additionally, pay attention to if symptoms worsen at night, such as teeth grinding or insomnia, because parasites are nocturnal. Some other symptoms to consider are chronic digestive issues, migraines, itchy bum, iron deficiency, changes in appetite, sugar or carb cravings, anxiety or skin rashes.


How Do You Get Rid of Parasites?

There are a variety of herbs proven to help treat parasitic infections. This includes herbs such as garlic, sweet wormwood, black walnut hull, coconut oil, pau d'arco, and mimosa pudica. Additionally, removing sugar and grains and adding pumpkin seeds or papaya seeds to your diet helps starve out parasites and kill them too. Once the parasites begin to die, they need to leave your body quickly so they don't reabsorb and cause die-off symptoms. Be sure to support the liver, kidney and bowels to ensure nothing is backed up and elimination goes smoothly!


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